DDNet Trashmap is a service for mappers who can't host their own servers. You can create a testing server here and test your map alone or with other players.

View a list of all servers, both saved and currently running.

Please don't misuse this service or interfere other players who are using this service. Only create a new server if you have no offline server left.

DDNet Trashmap is developed by timakro and the web design is made by Oblique. You can find the sourcecode on github. Please report bugs on the github page or on the related thread in the DDNet forum.


Date Change
2017-05-17 We now got our own logo made by Index
2017-05-09 New web design by Oblique
2017-03-23 Due to recent exploits we from now on only allow a limited number of saved servers per ip address. With this change all saved servers had to be deleted, sorry for any inconveniences.
2016-06-06 No external map configs possible anymore
2015-12-08 Forbid suggesting map commands but get them from ddnet map settings page
2015-12-08 Serverside security fixes
2015-12-08 Introduce changelog